The glorious thing about self-taught artists is that no one has told them the “right” way to do something, so they get to figure out for themselves that whatever way their art wants to come through them is the right way. 
A (growing) list of incredible pieces for under $1000, with a focus on living, queer, BIPOC, and women artists
In our America, there is no time to tend to last week’s heartbreaks because we must always begin bracing for the next.
Friday Thread: Your most comforting thingIt seems to me that we’re all hanging on by a thread. So, for this week’s discussion, I’m curious: What’s been bringing you the most comfort? 
What if a single piece of art could tell the story of the pandemic?
This week, an artist whom I’d only met once asked me how I was doing. For reasons I can't explain, I gave her the real answer. The messy answer. I wrot…
(and reminds us what assholes we are)
Micheal Schultheis’s mathematical paintings quietly challenged my view of the world
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